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MK-Issues is a sister list to MKnet. It is a public, unmoderated list for anyone interested in MK-related issues. Although most subscribers will be MKs, non-MKs are encouraged to subscribe as well, especially M's, teachers of MKs, pastors, youth pastors, and anyone else who has close contact with MKs.

The topics within the range of this list are much more restricted than those on the MKnet. Subject matter should be directly related to MKs (and Christian TCKs) and the struggles and joys with which they (not necessarily uniquely) are faced. James Paternoster did a good job of analysing what kinds of areas are included:

there are backward-looking issues we face (how do I understand, handle, find good out of the particular circumstances of my upbringing, for example), and there are also forward-looking issues (what do I have to offer as an MK to God's kingdom? what do college and vocational choices have to do with that) which, while as such not MK-only issues, do have particular twists for MKs.

Openness and honesty are encouraged here. The number of subscribers is smaller and more stable than the MKnet, more condusive to honest talk. It will be most beneficial to all concerned if we feel we can talk from the heart.

While not as high-volume as MKnet, this list can often generate a lot of email. If you can't keep up, you have several alternatives:

Not to mention our flagship lists:

and the MKnet and MK-Issues archives are available on the web at

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