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The MKnet is's flagship mailing list. It's really a "hang-out", think of it as the "home" of some global nomad (if that's not a contradiction), and you're invited to come chat, have a drink and a talk. It's a huge room, lots of people, and knowing us MKs, there's a good chance you'll find someone here you know. Or maybe you'll make a new friend or two. Whatever the case, if you grew up not knowing where home was, you've found it now. Come in, make yourself comfy, and please introduce yourself to us all! Tell us where (plural) you're from, who (singular) you are, what you're up to. No subject is off-topic, but for the heck of it, here's a general outline:


  1. To provide a forum for discussing issues of concern to MKs;
  2. To encourage contacts between MKs;
  3. To distribute news tidbits about those ""remotest parts of the earth"" that are not covered in any ""respectable"" newspaper; :-)
  4. To discuss whether 'colo(u)r' should be spelled with that darn 'u' or not;
  5. To announce class reunions of international schools, retreats for MKs, and any other TCK get-togethers;
  6. To provide a pool (indoor, heated) whereby one MK may be able to locate "lost" friends or classmates;
  7. etc. (there, that should cover all the bases)

Be careful, the MKnet is a high-volume list! If all the mail this list generates is too much for you, you have several alternatives:

and the MKnet and MK-Issues archives are available on the web at

The MKnet has a FAQ which can be found at

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